AllTheHaxx Client - Teeworlds

Current Version: 0.36.4b (Teeworlds 0.6.X)
released July 2018

ATTENTION: As you may have noticed, the latest version of this client was released in July 2018. This is most likely also the last version to be ever released.

This client is no longer in active development and will most likely not work on most servers.

However, there are possibly some community-maintained forks you might still want to check out.


Diving right into it!

Download for Windows:
  32 bit:  »Zip  »Binaries  »Installer
  64 bit:  »Zip  »Binaries  »Installer

Download for Linux:
   »AUR 'allthehaxx'
   »PPA (coming never)
   »How to use
»Webpages that used to be (»New Lua Docs)
Release Page Source Lua doc Report a bug Submit a fix
» Troubleshooting (got problems?)
» Join the IRC channel
» Known issues/ToDo-list
» Latest changes & changelog

» ATH-Colorpicker (by Patison, thanks!)

AllTheHaxx - The client with the keck!

- Core Features -


maintained by xush', Henritees and FuroS